A health question

Ba Zi Astrology for Health (6)

Ba Zi Astrology for Health (6)

What Do You Really Need?


This is a health question you should ask yourself every now and then.

Maybe you need to eat more vegetables and less meat? Or you just have to go to bed before 11 pm…

Point often overlooked is that a short nap every other day can really improve your sense of well-being! Not to mention swimming or working out… limiting the number of coffees…or avoiding those sugary and refined products…

Asking the right questions is important, because there is always some way to improve your health. For example, you can make improvements either through certain actions or changing what you eat and introducing herbs to your diet, etc. Asking questions will help you understand your situation and guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. Because, what really matters is what is good for you – and not what you like!

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A consultation is also a straightforward way to get some guidance on understanding your own personal situation, accepting your limitations and moving towards the best solutions.

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