Chinese Astrology for Love

Ba Zi Chinese Astrology for Love (1)

We don’t need any studies to tell us that the quality of our Love Life not only affects our happiness – we already know that – but that it also influences our confidence and self-esteem. Love is the essential ingredient in our lives that gives us hope and enriches our soul; it lets us experience the depths of belonging and merging our essence with another person’s. It is Love that causes our hearts sing, just as it is love that makes us better human beings.

Ba Zi Chinese Astrology for Love (1)

Love is Good For Us; It Feeds Our Souls and Makes Our Life Shine.

We all know that Love is a mysterious creature who usually arrives unannounced. Through our own experiences many of us think we know what Love is but certain aspects still remain unknown to us or misunderstood. We’ve managed to figure out that there is something predestined about our Love Life – we’ve noticed that some people are lucky enough to spend their entire life with just one person, while for others it tends to be more complicated. There are those whose idea of their ‘ideal partner’ prevents them from seeing the opportunities right in front of them. Just as there are those who will always get caught up in the same sort of relationship, constantly complaining about their Love Life.

Then we have people who have more than one true love in their life – and who manage to be equally happy in both relationships. Intense or mild, stable or changeable, Love is the potion that make us feel happy and fulfilled. It can also, just as easily, be toxic, energy consuming and make us feel unhappy and insecure.

The starting point for a Love Life assessment in Chinese Astrology is always one’s Self. (Self is the equivalent to the concept of a Soul in the West). The Self defines our basic needs when it comes to Love, so the type of partner we usually attract, and so on.

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