Spouse palace is important

Ba Zi Astrology for Love (4)

 Is it possible to anticipate what the future will bring to a relationship?

Can we possibly assess a person’s Love Life overall? Are there ways we can make sure we have a happier relationship?

Ba Zi Astrology for Love (4)

The Spouse Palace: the Right Place for Spouse

Your Spouse Palace (also known as the Day Branch) reveals the quality of your Love Life. The Star which can be found in the Spouse Palace is important; it describes your partner and tells us about the quality of your relationship.

When it is strong and not afflicted, it predicts a happy Love Life signifying true love and the establishment of a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.

On the other hand, when this Star is excessively strong, weak or afflicted, this is a sign that the person may face challenges in their relationship.

This can mean difficulties with finding a good partner, with establishing or maintaining long term relationships and finding true happiness.

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