Do you have a Peach Blossom Star?

Ba Zi Astrology for Love (3)

How can our Love Life differ so much from others?

Why do some people get married more than once? Why do certain people tend to be more adulterous?

Why do some people’s relationships always end in the same way?

Ba Zi Astrology for Love (3)

Love Life Spice: The Peach Blossom Star

Your personal Peach Blossom Star has a positive effect on your appearance.

Also, this Star increases your charm and improves your social skills.

To point out, this Love Star is much like a spice just for your Love Life. It gives you more opportunities in dating, love, sex and relationships! However, just as too much spice can spoil a meal, a few Peach Blossom Stars can decrease the relationships stability. Also, multiple Peach Blossom Stars can bring numerous temptations in someone’s Love Life.

To clarify: don’t be concerned if you don’t have this Star in your chart. Because, it can still come to you via a different route such as in 10-year Luck Pillars and specific years. This is when it will naturally boost your Love Life…

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