Learn Chinese Astrology to assess your love life

Ba Zi Astrology for Love (6)

Love is the essential ingredient in our lives that gives us hope and enriches our soul; it lets us experience the depths of belonging and merging our essence with another person’s. It is Love that causes our hearts sing, just as it is love that makes us better human beings.

Ba Zi Astrology for Love (6)

How Quickly Do You Need To Know?

We all need some light in our lives and a little more knowledge about our Love Life. This is especially true when it comes to making important decisions…

A one-on-one consultation is a fast and straightforward way to get in touch with the patterns of your Love Life.

Schedule your personal consultation to anticipate any changes, get in tune with the flow and stay on top of everything!

If you want to learn more about the trends of your Love Life… To have the strength of your Spouse Star assessed… To find out what is predetermined in your relationship… Althea’s awarded book A Course in Chinese Astrology is an excellent choice for you!

You can also opt to explore relationships and other aspects of Life in Althea’s Chinese Astrology Studies. This is the ideal way to master the Four Pillars method and start earning money by consulting for others. These studies are super useful for anyone who wants to coach others professionally! Moreover, they are ideal for anyone keen to add a deep and extraordinarily diagnostic tool to their career and business (HR consultants, life and business coaches, therapists, counselors, dating agencies, etc.). You will move through four levels over a period of one year developing into a learned coach and trusted consultant. Please be aware that this is a serious study of Life and you will be required to study at home!

You can also learn Chinese Astrology with Althea in Private Sessions; the ideal solution for anyone who wants to move quickly though the study process and enhance their personal growth – all in a very exclusive way and from the comfort of their own chair. The advantage of this highly personalized type of study is that it helps prepare you for consulting with others. By investigating charts, you will learn amazing things about people, their love patterns and real practice. Depending on your goals and the arrangements you make with Althea, home study may also be required.

Calculate your Chinese Astrology Ba Zi chart right now, it is free!

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Find more useful information about your love life in Althea’s  Kindle Chinese Astrology for Love and Relationships!


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