Chinese Astrology for Wealth

Ba Zi Astrology for Wealth (1)

Are you looking for more of a long-term perspective for your business?

Do you want to know when the best time is to change your career or make an important business move?

What are the best industries for you to invest in?

What type of events is it impossible to avoid in your business?

Ba Zi Chinese Astrology for Wealth

Ba Zi Chinese Astrology for Wealth

Ba Zi Chinese Astrology for Wealth (1)

Your success and riches are determined by your Wealth potentials as seen in your Chinese Astrology chart.

In order to assess your inherent Wealth potentials, you have to know both your Self and your personal Wealth Star.





Once you calculate your Self, it’s easy to find the Wealth Star – just use the table below. You’ll discover that your Wealth Star can either be present or absent from your chart. You will also learn that it can be hidden, weak or strong. When the Wealth Star is absent or weak, this will create more inconsistency in your Wealth growth, together with oscillations in your career or business. A tough strong Wealth Star will have a positive effect on your Wealth capacities. However, it shouldn’t be overly strong, as this may result in you counting other people’s money!



Personal Wealth Star finder

Self JiaYiBingDingWuJiGengXinRenGui


WuJiGengXin RenGuiJiaYiBingDing
Year2018, 20212017, 20182019, 20202019, 20222018, 2025

(To calculate your chart and find your Self, click here.)


Sometimes, your Wealth Luck can be given a natural boost during a particular 10-year Luck Cycle or during certain years. Thus, your Wealth can sometimes even improve by itself. Your actions and how you make decisions certainly affects your overall level of accomplishments.

In this respect, it’s entirely up to you whether you’ll use shortcuts to achieve your goals; the criteria you’ll employ for hiring and finding the best employees, associates or a partner; who you’ll consult with when making important business decisions, and so on.

All these things are important and also affect your Wealth.

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