Dealing with Clients in Ba Zi practice


Ba Zi Practice and Dealing with Clients: Finding the Best Manager/Employee


Here are the notes from my recent conversation with a client:

Client: I want you to assess the Ba Zi of the woman who currently works for me. I want to promote her and make her a general manager of my business. The reason I want to do this is because I want to commit more to marketing and expanding my business. I also want to have more time for my family and myself.

Me: Ok, I understand, and I believe that’s a great idea. Wait a sec, while I take a look at her chart.

Ba Zi practice

Ba Zi practice

Client: Ok, hanging on.

Me: I’m looking at her chart right now. She’s responsible and she’s a good team leader. Is this what you wanted to know?

Client: Yes, that means a lot.

Me: Ok, is that all that concerns you?

Client: Well… there is something else. Is she going to leave after some time?

Me: Most probably.

Client: I knew it, I just knew it! That is what I was afraid of. I will rely on her and then she’ll leave.

Me: Look, I said that she might leave, and she most probably will. But there is a question of time as well. You have a couple of years until then. You can use this time to rest, to expand your business and spend more time with your family, because you wanted all these.

Client: But she will leave eventually, and I am already panicking!

Me: Calm down, you look from a wrong place. What matters right NOW is that she can EARN YOU a big sum of money. So why do you care if she will leave eventually? You should care that she can bring in a great value in the meantime, and that’s what matters most right now. She’s not there yet, and you’ll have a lot of time to find someone else to replace her, because you’re in good wealth luck, as well. So be wise and don’t worry about the future but make use of the current potentials instead! OK?

Client: OK. Good reason. Thanks.




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