Chinese astrology vs. Coronavirus

Chinese astrology vs. Coronavirus


Chinese astrology vs. Coronavirus

Coronavirus is different from other viruses. Although it stems from a relatively well-known family of SARS viruses, the particular ways of Corona are still unknown. The only thing we have learned so far is that it spreads quickly; this fact took us by surprise. All of a sudden, we found ourselves locked down, becoming the hostages of the unknown, and being deprived of the proper means of fighting it. Instead of controlling the virus, we are limited to protecting ourselves with masks and gloves, social distancing, and home isolation. Although everyone, rich and poor, is facing at least one hard year caused by Coronavirus, at this point the highest price is paid mostly by the elderly and those with chronic health issues. Thus, the Geng Zi or Metal Rat year will be long remembered as a challenging year for all of humanity, filled with anxiety, fear, suffering, and economic devastation.

2020 and the Five Elements

In Chinese astrology, it is all about Elements (Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water).
Each year is composed of a very specific mix of Elements. When it comes to 2020, this is the year of the Metal Rat. The main Elements of the year are Geng Metal (Stem) and Yin Water (Rat Branch or Zodiac Sign), as shown in the table below.

Year 2020

Yang Metal

Yin Water

Since the Metal Element produces Water, the Water Element is very strong in 2020.
(This is in accordance with the Five Elements generation cycle.)
Also, it is important to mention that Geng Metal represents colon and lungs, while Water represents travel.
Several things can be deduced from this information; the most important is that Coronavirus enters both the colon and lungs, and that it spreads very quickly (as water does) and through travel. In addition, the main characteristic of the Element Water that dominates over Chinese astrology chart for 2020 is coldness; what we have learned so far is that Corona likes it cold and that coldness helps it to spread.

What is also important to understand is that strong Water sinks Metal, which is a bad sign for the lungs (they get weakened). Also, when strong, water goes in many directions, spreading fast and carrying its content everywhere.

Chinese astrology vs. Coronavirus

Hurting Officer year

Furthermore, the type of Water Element that Geng Metal produces is known as Shang Guan or Hurting Officer. In Chinese astrology Hurting Officer represents chaos, sudden happenings, unpredictable development, fast spreading, deranged habits, etc. Everything that was and still is happening is a text-book representation of the influence of Shang Guan. When strong, Shang Guan weakens the so-called Officer (Five Elements-related). Since the Officer represents order and governments, this year weakens the established order while increasing the chaos.

What is also interesting when it comes to Shang Guan is that it represents intelligence and inventions. Accordingly, those who can benefit most from this whole Shang Guan situation are the witty individuals who can act fast, innovate, and adapt quickly so that they can offer the most needed products and services.

Strong and weak Elements

The general rule is that when one Element becomes very strong, this imbalance affects all other Elements and everything they represent. Water is overly strong, hence it is an unfavorable Element throughout 2020. Since the most prosperous Element of 2020 is Wood (because in the generation cycle strong Water produces Wood), the benefits go to Wood industries, primarily pharmaceutical. When it comes to weak Metal, this will negatively affect the industries closely related to this Element, such as the automotive industry, dentistry, and skin care.

However, what’s essential is that the most favorable Element in 2020 is the Earth because it can contain and control the Water.
The Earth Element is key in 2020 because it holds the solution to our problems; it can both contain the Water Element and strengthen the Metal (lungs). The Earth is about containment, hence staying at home really is a good way to control the spread of the virus. Since Earth also represents spleen, everything that strengthens the spleen (food, herbs) can also benefit the lungs (read more in other posts).

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