Tesla and Musk: Their Secret Connection (5)

Tesla’s Ba Zi chart: science versus wealth

It is widely known that Tesla was living for his work and that he was fully committed towards understanding the ways the energy operates. His life path also confirms that he was not motivated by money, but that he was an exceptional artist in his own field. All said is completely in accordance with his Ba Zi chart, because the leading energy (Fire-Output) is typically the one, which directs person’s interests.

However, although his chart shows strong Wealth Stars, this Wealth served primarily as the means of financing numerous costly experiments. This is why he struggled gravely at times, despite having powerful financiers and cashing a lot on his patents. Unfortunately, some of his financiers were single-minded people, unable to see beyond the immediate benefit and to understand the grandeur of Tesla’s work.

Tesla was a visionary and a true genius who lived not only for the excitement of new discoveries, but who was also motivated with the possibility of easing people’s lives in the future – and boosting the progress of the civilization.

Regarding his Wealth, it is a well-known fact that he was taken advantage of many times, which is clearly indicated by the Rob Wealth Star, which sits atop of his Wealth Star – in two pillars! One example is Edison who never paid millions he promised to when hiring Tesla, but there were many others who built their fame and-or fortune on Tesla’s inventions, and the one of these people happened to be Marconi – who got a Nobel prize based on Tesla’s discoveries. These types of happenings are quite often in the lives of those whose Wealth Star sits beneath the protruding Rob Wealth Star, which clearly points out to the wealthy competitors and those who take both your credits and money.

Tesla's ba zi chart

Tesla’s ba zi chart

Some injustices done to Tesla were never made right, but some others – were. In such a way, six months after Tesla’s death, the US Supreme Court ruled that Marconi’s radio patents were invalid and awarded them back to Tesla (Marconi got the Nobel prize in 1909 for his contribution in wireless telegraphy), recognizing Tesla’s more significant contribution.

The life of the true genius is never easy

The life of the genius is never easy, especially when there is a strong energy, which leads a person towards certain direction (‘’Following the Son’’ formation). However, once a person commits 100% to the leading Qi, he can use the potentials of his chart and become the best possible version of himself.

In such a manner, Tesla’s life path shows a full commitment to the science; he claimed to sleep just 2-3 hours a day, in order not to waste the time (the dominant Fire energy provided him with a lot of energy). The strong Fire Element also made Tesla very productive; he wrote numerous articles and had endless inventions. His mind was quick, and he was a true genius, who developed the projects fully in his mind – before construction.

More about Tesla’s chart for Ba Zi lovers

The most obvious thing about Tesla’s chart is that it does not show any affliction – which normally points to the smooth life.

There are no Clashes, Harms, Punishments or Destructions – just two combinations (one Three Combination between a day and an hour and one Six Combinations between the day and month). Six Combinations with career palace can be seen quite often in the charts of people who ‘’combine’’ with their career (meaning that that they identify with the career). Hence, there were no visible hindrances to his full commitment to the leading energy of his chart: the Fire.


Tesla's Ba Zi chart

Tesla’s Ba Zi chart

Earthly Web and Heavenly Net

His chart also shows the existence of so-called Earthly Web and Heavenly Net.

Although these two (Dog and Dragon) are the signs of obstacles in life, rooted Earth also gives steadiness, persistence and a hard-working nature. Besides, all the Earth is needed very much in this chart, because Tesla’s Wood Self has to ‘’see’’ the Earth in order to be able to grow tall and see further than others.

While Dragon in the Year Pillar clearly illustrates the country of his origin: a mountainous region of Lika, Dog in the Hour Pillar shows hard and lonely last years of life (it shows a spiritual person, but also a person who dies alone). However, although these two Branches may give rise to various obstacles, they also enable individuals who have them in their charts to create magic – which Tesla surely did!

Regarding the Shen Sha in his chart, there is a Nobleman Star in the career palace, which enabled him to find benefactors and supporters. Regarding his Luck (which comes in 10-year cycles), he was going through Resource Luck in the most productive years of his life, which completely fits into the life story of the deep thinker, great scientist and fantastic inventor who was completely emerged into researching, learning and reading…

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