How your Self loves

Ba Zi Astrology for Love (2)

Ba Zi Astrology for Love (2)

How Your Self Loves?

Your Self belongs to one of the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water.

If you are a Fire Self you tend to be passionate; someone who falls in love impulsively. Love means everything to you but with your sensual nature you can often find it hard to discern Love from physical attraction. Accordingly it can often take you some time to find your true love.

On the other hand, Wood Self people are well known for their tendency to idealize how they see their potential partner and also love itself. These people harbor a lot of (hidden) expectations and when developments don’t meet their standards, they can become quote frustrated.

If you are an Earth person you are likely to be stable and realistic; striving to establish a lasting relationship and to form a family.

Metal Self people are sentimental and loyal however they can also be competitive and self-centered, seeking the upper hand in a relationship.

If you are a Water Self individual you will often look for a partner who is able to provide you with both support and fun! You are also an emotional and mysterious individual, who will never reveal all their cards…not even in a very close relationship.

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Learn how your Self loves

Learn how your Self loves

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