Do you have your Wealth Star

Ba Zi Astrology for Wealth (2)

Ba Zi Astrology for Wealth (2)

Get to Know Your Wealth Star and Get Rich

Your Wealth Star is always one of the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water.

A Wood Wealth Star is associated with consultancy and advisory services. To clarify, it also governs education and culture, publishing and stationery, furniture and other wood related industries.

A Fire Wealth Star governs the internet, IT and telecommunications. In addition, it can also be related to promotion, publicity and media; electricity and lighting.

An Earth Wealth Star involves insurance, funeral services, property and land. Moreover, it also governs manufacturing; mining; dealing with antiques.

Your Wealth Star is Metal

Your Wealth Star is Metal

A Metal Wealth Star is closely related to justice and the law, military, police and government. Additionally, this Wealth Star is also associated with finance and banking, cars and automotive, machines and metal-related fields.

A Water Wealth Star is about hospitality, traveling and tourism. It involves finding solutions and solving problems (water in nature always finds its way). A Water Wealth Star also governs transport and other water-related industries.


Thus, your Wealth Star (and the dominating Elements in your chart) tells us whether you are in the right industry and the best areas for you to invest in. It can also provide the answers to every conceivable question about your career and business. This also includes the best timing for specific activities.



* The good news for anyone who is lacking a Wealth Star in their Four Pillars chart is that your Wealth Star can come to you in certain Luck Cycles and/or years.

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