Your Wealth Path

Ba Zi Astrology for Wealth (3)

Ba Zi Astrology for Wealth (3)

It’s Your Wealth Path

The internal dynamics (Clashes, Harms, Punishments, Destructions, etc.) of your chart affect your Wealth in different ways.

Harms, for example, often bring legal problems or issues with leaked information or financial embezzlement. Thus, a person with an active Harm should be also very careful when it comes to allowing their partners, associates, bookkeepers, brokers, etc., to work without supervision.

On the other hand, a Destruction will warn you that you may be the one who is creating the problems…or causing the failure of your own career or business by making some bad judgments or inappropriate decisions.

When it comes to Clashes, these create sudden and unexpected changes and U-turns including changes in both career and business.

All of the aforementioned dynamics typically bring about more uncertainty and oscillations to your Wealth in general; often with a connection to bad investments and severe losses.

However, the good news is that while afflictions may bring about more challenges they won’t necessarily decrease your chances of getting rich! We all know it’s not easy to become seriously wealthy without experiencing a certain number of highs and lows, so it’s up to you to be smart and make sure you are well informed.

This way you can make the best decisions – in the right time-frame.

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Find your wealth path with Chinese astrology for wealth and prosperity

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