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Ba Zi Astrology for Wealth (4)

Would you like to be able to anticipate changes in market trends or your customers’ preferences?

We’ve prepared this text to help you make informed decisions and plan in accordance with the flow.

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Ba Zi Astrology for Wealth (4)

Goal + Timing = Success 

The Success formula is really simple. It involves not only having the appropriate goal in your sights and being persistent about it, but also mastering the right timing. Time is energy and it has the power to unlock opportunities. Just as it can also lock or hide them from you.

The beauty of this Astrology is that by reviewing the influence of 10-year Luck Cycles, three years in a row and every single year, it will become easy to anticipate new challenges and opportunities – essential data for creating the right strategy and taking advantage of the opportunities at hand.

All these aspects are important, as they direct us towards finding the best timing for certain actions. To clarify, 10-year Luck Cycles can show the best time to expand, to invest, and so on. It also allows us to foresee major changes which come in 10-year intervals, to reveal new patterns which appear every fourth year, and to find out the exact time of when things will activate!

One should also count on Wealth Luck improvements in specific sets of years (Fire years for Water people, as an example). Moreover, the Wealth Element can be also created under the work of Combinations that come with specific years and months.

For example, Fire comes with 2018.

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Chinese astrology for wealth and prosperity

Chinese astrology for wealth and prosperity

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