Ba Zi Astrology for Wealth (5)

Ba Zi Astrology for Wealth (5)

Wealth potentials

Wealth potentials


Activate Your Personal Wealth Potentials

In our age of data and specialization, the right information helps decide on profit or loss…

If you want to become a specialized consultant, make sure to read Althea’s awarded Chinese Astrology Book!

Also, enroll to her Chinese Astrology studiesto coach yourself and others towards achieving prosperity. These Chinese Astrology Studies last for one year and can be done in four modules. As a result, you will become a trustworthy business consultant, able to coach others in their business growth and expansion.

In order to realize your options and to learn how to anticipate optimal timings, a one-to-one Wealth Consultation is ideal!

In this type of consultation, we will discuss what’s relevant to your career/business right now. Consequently, we will assess your options and find how best to make improvements and achieve your goals! You will understand the role of time as part of the informed decision-making process. Moreover, you’ll also learn about accepting certain limitations, which will come with specific periods. You will also be coached on how to fight patterns and change outdated methods. In the same way, you will grasp how to assess your own path to easy Wealth, and find your ideal areas for investment.

If you are already a practitioner, or want to become one, you can also schedule Private Chinese Astrology Sessions.

These provide practical and confidential support to your Chinese Astrology consultations. By discussing different charts, you will become increasingly confident when consulting with your business clients. In fact, you will start guiding them towards investing, making important business decisions, etc.

* Please note that these types of sessions may also require home study.

Get your Kindle Chinese Astrology for Wealth and Prosperity, to learn more about your wealth luck!

Calculate your Chinese Astrology Ba Zi chart right now, it is free!

In order to read more about your Zodiac sign Luck in 2018, click here.

Learn how to interpret your chart in awarded book A Course in Chinese Astrology!

To learn more about Feng Shui, just follow the link.

Schedule your consultation

Schedule your consultation with Althea to get the answers to your most important life questions and to tune with the best flow of your life.

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