Balanced and Unbalanced Lives

Balanced and Unbalanced Lives


We all strive towards achieving a balance in our lives, but what if there is not a universal definition of balance?


What if your balance is not the same as mine – or someone else’s?

When one dives deeper into the foundations of human life, as seen in Ba Zi astrology, it becomes obvious that certain individual’s balance is quite specific and unique to that person. Have you ever given thought to a fact that one person’s balance may even be harmful to someone else?

Your Ba Zi chart tells your life story, but it also shows your very own paths to achieve a balance. Ideally, a Ba Zi consult should provide the client with the keys/prescription which would help them to tune in with the best flow of their life and achieve their very own balance. We do this by assessing one’s chart, which provides us with all needed information.

Balanced life

Balanced life (photo by Peter H from Pixabay)

Achieving balance is an ongoing and continuous processnot a set destination.

Hence, the balance is not some kind of fixed category because time (Luck Cycles, years) also influences everything, changing the Elemental balance of our chart and altering priorities. Thus, achieving a balance consists of many small steps which all lead towards one goal!


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