Geng Metal People

Geng Metal People

In Ba Zi, the Geng Metal Self is typically represented by a sword.

Although Geng people do differ, which depends mostly on the season in which they were born, they are typically known as strong, just, resilient, and decisive individuals.

The birth season is important in Chinese astrology because each season affects the strength of the Five Elements in a different way. For example, spring strengthens the Wood and Fire Elements, weakening Earth and Metal. The effects depend on how favorable a certain Element is to you, (i.e. your Self – in this post Geng). Of all Elements, the Fire is essential for Geng individuals because it is the only Element that brings with it an opportunity for them to become useful and fully functional.

Achieving usefulness is vital for Geng people because the sword is here on Earth to aid and be in service of people, governments, etc. In order to achieve this it must constantly move, because this is how it stays alert and functional. The Fire Element is necessary for this process!

Geng Metal people

Geng Metal people (photo by Graham H of Pixabay)

However, it is not sufficient to have any Fire in the chart because Geng has no use of Bing Fire (Sun), but only of Ding (camp fire, stove, etc.). Ding Fire must also be close to Self in order to be accessible – otherwise a person will have to put more effort into realizing potentials and finding their very own purpose in life.

Finding purpose isn’t easy and, when it comes to Geng, it also requires a lot of pressure and stress because this is what Fire represents to this Metal. Again, Geng people have to be busy, active, and on the move all the time in order to stay fully functional and healthy.

When a Geng person is born in winter (when the Fire Element is weak), it becomes harder for them to find their purpose. Since it is hard for a sword to stay sharp, active, and alert when it’s cold outside, this is why finding fulfillment for these Geng people isn’t quick and requires imposing discipline in everyday life. This is also kind of pressure, just internal. This is typically hard for them because, due to the strong influence of the Output Element, they will tend to be all over the place. In such a scenario the importance of having Wood and/or Fire in the chart becomes greater, because this is when these Elements decide about a person’s overall success.

When they’re born in summer or spring, and/or when they have Fire and Wood present in their chart, Geng individuals can achieve greatness. Besides Fire, the Wood Element is also important (especially Jia Wood), because the interaction of a sword and wood also produces sparkle (Ding Fire). In addition, Wood Element represents wealth to Geng individuals. When there is Wood in their chart they will become rich more easily. What also matters about Yang Wood is that it doesn’t provide only wealth, but also direction.

However, there are two exceptions to these rules – both related to special charts (special charts = special life).

One type of special charts is called ‘super-vibrating’ and has to conform to specific conditions, requiring that a person was born in season (autumn). The other type of a special chart, known as Fui Gong chart, works quite specific on Geng individuals (find more in other posts).


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