Water Element and Wisdom

Five Elements in Chinese Astrology

Water Element Holds the Key to Wisdom


Although it’s a common belief that wisdom depends on knowledge and experience, it’s certain that some people are wiser than the others – as if they were born with it. If we speculate about this as an inherent quality, then the explanation might be found in reincarnation and the possibility that our souls transcend space and time.

However, in Chinese astrology we are not into explaining the past lives, but we are more about deciphering the current one and making the most out of it. The Water Element is the one that affects our wisdom and the explanation is that it accumulates wisdom while moving through nature (water goes everywhere; deep into soil and high in the sky).

Water Element

Water Element

Wisdom is important because it enables us to discern the truth about certain facts and to grasp what really matters in life. Wisdom is also about one’s ability to differentiate what’s applicable to us and what is not. Wisdom is about the philosophy of life, about acceptance and understanding of certain inevitabilities. It reflects in our ability to distinguish situations as unique and find the most adequate solution.


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