Bing people (Yang Fire Self)

Bing people

Yang Fire Self, the Motivator

Bing Fire is represented by the Sun and in Chinese astrology this principle stands for warmth, joy, happiness, light, optimism, and generosity.

Accordingly, a Bing individual’s basic nature is sunny, energetic, happy, and friendly, as most of these people are warm beings who always tend to see the bright side of everything. As a matter of fact, they are typically recognizable for their sunny disposition and big smile; if they don’t look like this and if they don’t feel happy and cheerful, then they don’t live in their true nature.

Bing people

Bing people (photo by Alexis-photos, Pixabay)

Bing people are usually very passionate about numerous things as they are very enthusiastic in general. Their open, bright, charming, and relaxed attitude, together with their affinity for socializing, going out, and partying, often makes Bing Fire people very popular. As optimistic and cheerful creatures, these people are able to bring fun around and fill the atmosphere with joy and laughter. In addition, Bing individuals are also known in Chinese astrology for having some special abilities: to motivate, inspire, and bring the best out in others!

They are also people who love life and who want to enjoy it at all times; hence, they like the good things in life, as they like having a good time. Bing people are also known for their strong self-awareness and paying a great deal of attention to appearance. Because they can get easily impressed by external forces and they don’t like to be bothered with ‘boring details’, they can sometimes be perceived as vain and superficial. They are also self-absorbed individuals with strong opinions, who might find it hard to really listen to others…

Love and sex are very important parts of Bing’s life and, since they are very charming and attractive, they commonly have numerous opportunities for romance. They are flirtatious beings and passionate lovers who are always in the search for love. Their love quest may last but, when they find what they want, they are able to commit fully and become considerate and generous partners. However, since they are beings who need excitement in life (there are always numerous processes happening within the Sun), they can sometimes create problems just out of boredom. They can also dramatize a lot, seeking attention and/or approval from their partner. Nevertheless, despite their strong need to be liked and accepted, they are able to step out of their comfort zone in order to establish a family.

When it comes to their career and work, they are creative and talented people who stand out not only for their personality, but also for their great perspective and bright ideas. Since they are charming, elegant, and people love them, they are the ideal choice for representatives, sales, team leading, networking, HR, and customer care. Their image-awareness and social intelligence also qualify them for all media related posts, particularly the ones which will require them to show their social skills. Hence, they are born for social media, marketing, branding and PR, but also TV, acting, movie industry, lifestyle, etc.

Regarding their health, it depends mainly on their overall satisfaction and mental state. Their typical health issues are small intestine, heart, eyesight, and circulatory related.



Bing people should work on their ability to be present in the moment and really hear others.

Famous people:

Mahatma Ghandi, Adolf Hitler, Bob Marley, Ray Charles, Stephen Spielberg, Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, Luis Hamilton, Gary Kasparov, Sharon Stone…


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