Ding people (Yin Fire Self)

Ding people

Yin Fire Self, the Giver

Ding Fire is represented by the gentle fire of candles and the light of lamps.

In Chinese astrology, the qualities Ding principles represent are kindness, gentleness, warmth, compassion, and guidance.

Ding people

Ding people (photo Myriam Zilles)

The nature of this Fire Element is Yin; hence, Ding Self individuals are generally soft, kind, and considerate. They are also very compassionate and people-oriented creatures who cannot imagine their life without others. In their social interactions they are responsive, caring, and understanding –they always want to help with their soothing presence, advice, or encouragement. Due to their charm, charisma, and social skills, Ding people are usually perceived as likeable and fun, especially because they’re always in the mood for dinner, shopping, going out, or just having a good time.

Although a candle light may be small when compared with the Sun, this fire is still so important in human lives. It enables us to see, cook, make tools, and stay warm during the night or when the weather is cold. As such, Ding individuals possess an inherent ability to easily connect with others, guide them, and show a way out of the darkness. They are also sacrificial individuals, which also comes from the image of candle which burns itself in order to provide the light and warmth.

Ding people

Ding people

Ding Fire’s personality might not be very strong, but these individuals are sensitive and their feelings are genuine. Since Fire Element is also about affection, Ding individuals are very passionate about everything – but particularly about people they care for. Love and romance mean the world to them and, when they are happy in relationship, they fly and the whole world seems as a wonderful place to them. On the other hand, when their relationship doesn’t function well, this affects both Ding people’s confidence and their zest for life in general. They are typically very tolerant partners, parents, and friends, who possess a special talent to inspire and encourage everyone.

Those knowing Ding people are also aware that they are overly-sensitive and volatile people who often act on impulses and who might be very dramatic about things they consider of great importance. They are also insecure beings who need a lot of attention and approval (candle depends on wax, etc.), and who sometimes find very complicated ways to get it. Moreover, since they can easily feel neglected, abandoned, or unloved, they can also become very needy and clingy at times as they can easily get discouraged or desperate when faced with problems and difficult situations (especially people-related). They might also have a hard time putting up with loneliness, which is when they could turn to dark thoughts and depression.


When it comes to work, their best qualities are that they are open minded, meticulous, and well-organized. Ding individuals are also great at improving things and bringing business to another level. They are invaluable help in times of crises, especially global or industry related – this is when they can show their qualities fully. Since they are people-oriented beings, they can find fulfillment in HR, customer care, and working in teams. Also, they can do a lot of good as social workers, therapists, coaches, doctors, nurses, care givers and healers, because they are careful and willing to give their attention, time, and love to others. Since they are individuals with refined tastes and since this Fire Element can also be related to fire used for cooking, Ding Self people may have a special interest in food and restaurant businesses.

Their health is rather fragile and they should pay a lot of attention to ways to improve it. Their health issues revolve around the heart, circulatory system, and eyesight.



Ding people should accept the fact of life that we can never get from others what can only be found within.


Famous people:

J.S.Bach, William Heisenberg, Doris Lessing, Robert de Niro, Ramana Maharshi, Federico Fellini, Stanley Kubrick, Tony Blair, Usain Bolt, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Anna Wintour, Kim Kardashian…


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Ding people

Ding people

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