Yi people (Yin Wood Self)

Yi people 

Yin Wood  Self , the Artist

Yi Self is represented by grass, weeds, creepers, and flowers.

In Chinese astrology, the Yi principle stands for talents, creativity, quick growth, and expansion.

Although Yi individuals differ greatly (as do grass, weeds, creepers, and flowers), they are known as attractive, charming, sensitive, and adaptive people. They are also elegant individuals who care much about appearance, style, and who have a strong aesthetic flair. In addition, they are talented, resourceful, and creative people who are fond of art, style, and beauty, and who could mesmerize you with their gracefulness and manners.

When it comes to their good sides, Yi people are kind, calm, gentle, and soft creatures, able to care for people and think about the greater good. They are perceptive individuals who judge character and intentions with inherent ease; they are social people, who like being with others and doing things together. They are also beings who naturally strive towards making improvements – which includes in both themselves and others. When it comes to people they like, they can be very considerate, empathetic, and helpful in the times of need.

Yi people, Pixabay photo

Yi people (photo from Pixabay)

Yi people are also very curious individuals, who always want to know more about others and situations they’re interested in (which is why others may see them as nosy). They are generally chatty individuals who could easily cross the line between small talk and gossip, which can get them into trouble occasionally. They are also fickle and they change their mind often, dissipating their time and energy on too many interests. Being impressionable and loving everything new, they could often overwhelm themselves with numerous unimportant matters and, due to their butterfly approach, they can often leave an impression of being vain and superficial individuals. In addition, since obtaining a certain life-style in very important to them, they can be very determined in using whatever means possible in order to achieve this goal. On top of everything else they constantly get involved into complex situations, which then require others’ help.

When it comes to work and their career, Yi people are very creative and blessed with various talents and skills. Since they believe that image is everything, careers and posts that involve communication, presentations, creating image, styling and/or dealing with social media might be the right choice for them. Since they are social beings who easily adapt, they can function well in teams as they can be good at PR, marketing, customer care, and HR. Although Yi people can be indecisive, after they find something they’re good at they will invest all their energy into it (this is when they can deliver brilliant solutions). Yi individuals are also great at developing other’s (existing) ideas, creating opportunities, and promoting business growth. In general, they like careers which give them freedom and, minding their creativity and talents, they can do great in media, theater, music, and movie industries. However, since they are not as good in risk assessment, they might need a supervisor when it comes to high-risk ventures.

Yi people

Yi people

Regarding their love life, it’s very important for Yi people to be happy in a relationship because they are individuals who thrive in a partnership. They are also very romantic and loving people who idealize love and their partner and who can give themselves 100% to a relationship. On the other hand, they are also flirtatious beings who could fall in love many times – especially when young. Their ideal partner should be patient and steady, as they should have a lot of understanding for Yi’s insecurities, wonderings, needs, and different interests (Yi people, especially when their Self is weak, need a lot of reassurance and approval). When they don’t get enough attention – or when they feel unappreciated or neglected – they can dramatize a lot.

Health-wise, Yi people’s health is sensitive and they are prone towards liver and neck-related ailments. They can also suffer from headaches and sleeping issues, as they incline towards anxiety and frustration. For their overall wellbeing it is important that they live life in accordance with their ideals and with what they believe is right for them.


Yi people should focus on learning how to prioritize and focus on one thing at a time, as they should work on their education and improving themselves.

Famous people:

George Washington, Nicolo Paganini, Salvador Dali, Bill Clinton, Louis Vuitton, Joseph Mercola, Oprah, Ronaldo, Madonna, Amy Winehouse…


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Yi people

Yi people

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