Case Study – Terminator (part one)

Ba Zi Case Study

Ba Zi Case Study Terminator


What it takes to become the Terminator:

Chinese astrology chart of Arnold Schwarzenegger

part one


For this case study, I chose to analyze the life of the bodybuilder, action hero and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger – Mr. Terminator himself. His life story is amazing, and his chart shows that his success is not only a result of the good luck, but also strong will, hard work and remarkable discipline.


It is always about Self and Day Pillar


In the Four Pillars Chinese astrology, the starting point of every chart assessment is the person’s Day Master or Self.

Ba Zi Terminator

Ba Zi Case Study

Mr. Schwarzenegger is a Geng (Metal) Self-personality, and his Day Pillar (this is who you are, your Chinese Astrology ID) is – Metal Dog, Geng Xu.


Geng Self belongs to strong, tough – and very resilient individuals.

Geng is actually a piece of raw metal, aimed to be forged into sword. In addition, as we all know, a sword can be used for two main purposes: to fight (in aim to protect or attack), or to ease everyday living (in Chinese astrology, a sword is used to chop woods; hence, axe is also a variation of sword).


In such a way, once you look at person’s Self and Day Pillar, you can already learn a lot about their character and life. When it comes to Geng Metal person, we already know that Geng is strong and that it has to be very active, because the sword has to be moving in order not to lose its sharpness. Geng Self individuals are also firm and determined, and they are born fighters who like to compete and who never give up.


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