Fire Element Holds the Key to Our Happiness

Five Elements in Chinese Astrology

The Fire Element Holds the Key to Our Happiness

In Chinese astrology, we consider every Element (the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) as equally important because each of them has its very own sphere of influence on human life. In such a way, Wood is in charge of growth, Fire provides passion, Earth is about stability, etc.


When all Five Elements are present in one’s Ba Zi astrology chart, and when they are balanced, this is commonly interpreted as a sign of a stable and balanced existence. On the other hand, a missing Element (or Elements) always point to a certain shortage in a person’s life. This is when one might feel that they’re lacking certain skills or qualities. For example, some people are natural at networking and sales, while others are born artists who know only about creation.

Fire Element

Fire Element (photo by Alexas Fotos)

Among all Five Elements, Fire is the one in charge of passion and happiness. We want to see the Fire Element present in one’s Ba Zi chart simply because we want people to be happy.

When this is not the case and Fire is not strong in one’s chart, or when it’s missing altogether, then the individual usually struggles to find happiness. In addition, they could also feel that they might be lacking passion and real zest for life.

That being said, the lack of Fire doesn’t mean that one could not still be very open or generous (basic characteristics of Fire people). However, it may affect a person’s social life (withdrawal), happiness, optimism, generosity, and independence level. This also includes everything else the Fire Element represents for specific person (10 aspects of life).

When it comes to the solutions we offer in Chinese astrology consultations, when a person’s Ba Zi lacks Fire then the solution is always both Fire Element related and specific to the certain person. This means that, if the Fire is missing, a person will have to make an effort to compensate. This can be done by adopting certain behaviors, specific to the Fire Element, or engaging in Fire Element related industries. A person can also work on developing one of the ten aspects of life that the Fire Element represents to them.

Fire Element

Fire Element (photo by Free Photos)

In addition, if Fire is missing from the chart and if it’s person’s favorable Element, then they can benefit from engaging in Feng Shui, metaphysics, and spiritual things – all belonging to the Fire Element.


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