Gui people (Yin Water Self)

Gui people

Yin Water Self, the Visionary


Gui Water is typically represented by springs, rain, clouds, mist, and dew.

In Chinese astrology, the qualities closely related to Gui principle are wisdom, flexibility, adaptability, and the power of transformation.

Gui people

Gui people (photo by Ju1959jjj)


Gui Water’s role in nature is to gently nourish everything and enable the growth and development of all life. It is a self-sustaining Stem which constantly creates itself and is one of a few that doesn’t need a Resource.

Gui individuals are emotional, imaginative, deep, and wise, and like water in nature changes it states easily, so Gui people are flexible and adaptable. They are also freedom-lovers who don’t like limitations and boundaries. They love to explore life and search for the deeper meaning of human existence and certain situations. Many Yin Water people are withdrawn and/or shy, as they are also known for their naïve, childish, and playful nature.

When we look closely at Gui Water movements in nature, it becomes obvious that this water goes up (to the heavens) and then goes down (to earth). This process provides Gui individuals with wisdom, inspiration, and the ability to motivate others – but it also makes them mysterious and hard to know. They are visionaries with strong intuition and the ability to reflect on things and relate them, but they are also realistic beings aware of the limits and boundaries which come with life on Earth.

Like with every Water type person, these people may leave an impression of being calm and relaxed individuals. However, the peaceful appearance may hide a complex personality with a lot of deep thoughts and changeable emotions. Since they constantly experience different states of mind (rain, mist, dew), this process also makes Gui volatile. Therefore, they tend to often change not only their mind, but also environment, career, and jobs. In addition, they are creatures who sometimes just don’t know what they want and tend to wander a lot until they find their own purpose in life.

Though they might look distant and restrained at times, these people are basically friendly, open, easy-going, and humorous. They are also fluent conversationalists and passionate debaters who would cleverly lead you towards their point. Since Gui people are also empathic, compassionate, and understanding, people like to confide in them. Their biggest quality is not only that they are good listeners but that they are also very helpful, giving, and available in the times of need – which is also in their basic nature. When there is Geng Metal in their Ba Zi chart, they become adaptable, loving, and hopeful.

Gui people

Gui people (photo by GamOI)


Gui individuals are well-known as intelligent, imaginative, and introspective beings. They are quick-thinkers and fast learners known for their philosophical approach to life, keen observational powers, and a very accurate estimation of people and situations. What is also unique about them is that they can become equally excited about difficulties as with opportunities. They are also humorous individuals who like to have fun. They not only feel a lot, but they are also intellectuals who think a lot and who often overthink everything. When under the influence of Xin Metal, Gui can become very sensitive, shy, worrisome, sad, and anxious.

Gui people are very emotional, romantic, and loving individuals who consider a relationship as a vital part of their life. They are commonly easy going as they are understanding, compassionate, and giving partners, who also happen to be great listeners. However, Gui individuals are very sensitive beings who can get very sentimental and need a lot of reassurance – especially in the times of personal crises. They are always willing to change themselves and adapt, but they are also beings prone towards making assumptions. In such a way, instead of asking direct questions they tend to beat around the bush a lot, which can also cause a lot of misunderstandings and confusion in their relationship. Minding that they easily identify with others and lose boundaries, it is important for a Gui person that they maintain their own life (career, interests, friends, etc.) while in relationship.


When it comes to their career and line of work, they are smart, multi-talented, and creative individuals. Since they are known as very resourceful people who find it easy to brain-storm new ideas and come up with improvements and great solutions, they can do especially well in posts related to strategy, marketing, and logistics. Gui people also understand everything about travel, communication, hospitality, and transport, but they can be also great at counselling, therapy, or any kind of coaching, teaching, and advisory. Minding that they are good with words and that they are beings who love freedom, they can find themselves in journalism and freelancing careers – especially ones which also require writing skills. They’re encouraging bosses as well as understanding and helpful colleagues, easy to adapt and change their ways.


Gui people’s health is sensitive and it depends very much of their financial situation and overall level of happiness and fulfillment. Their sensitive organs are the kidneys and they are prone towards having issues related to kidneys, water metabolism, nerves, and the lower back. They are also prone towards anxiety and fear.



Since they need a stable environment for their growth, they should ensure that they have savings and a stable income.


Famous people:

Dalai Lama, Stephen King, Giorgio Armani, Elton John, BB King, MJ Fox, Alicia Keys, Alanis Morrissette, Meryl Streep…


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