Ren people (Yang Water Self)

Ren people

Yang Water Self, the Executive


Ren is represented by big and powerful waters: big streams, lakes, seas, and oceans.

In Chinese astrology, the qualities closely related to the Ren principle are strength, willpower, determination, resourcefulness, and finding the way.


Ren people

Ren people (photo by Cowins)


Ren Self individuals are smart people who can quickly absorb information and assess the situation at hand. In addition, they are very perceptive individuals and keen observers who easily grasp the complexities of life and penetrate into people’s characters. These intelligent, sharp, and ambitious beings never lack words; it is a part of their character that they always have something to say. They are passionate about their own beliefs and they typically like to discuss the matters that interest them, particularly enjoying challenging conversations and debates. Since Ren people also like to win, they are able to play with words and twist the facts – just to prove their point. They are also beings who always strive towards perfection and who could force a hard pace, both to themselves and others, in order to get close to their ideal.

Since the nature of Ren Water is Yang, their tranquil appearance hides an alert and restless individual who thinks a lot. Also, as water in nature is flowing everywhere, Ren people feel a constant need to move – both physically and mentally (this is also why they might go in many directions). They are curious and courageous beings who won’t hesitate from engaging in new adventures and/or trying new approaches. Although this works well for them, their adventurous spirit might also lead them into troubles – especially when they are young. However, whatever the problem they might be facing, Ren people are able to find a solution for this is the nature of this water – to always find its way.

It should also be mentioned that Ren people are very resourceful individuals who apply their abilities wisely. These charismatic individuals attract others not only with their talents and creativity, but also with the strength they radiate. Although they commonly present themselves as enthusiastic, adaptable, and witty, Ren people are individuals of mystery with hidden darkness within because the water that represents this Self also goes deep underground. Accordingly, because there is little about human nature that is unknown to them, they are able to inspire, motivate, and move others – and to show them the ways to live with both their light and dark side.

Ren people

Ren people


Relationship-wise, Ren individuals are emotional and they really care for others – especially the close ones. Although they are typically self-absorbed people who look after their own interests, love is a very important part of their life. They are passionate lovers and sex makes an essential part of their relationship. However, they are also understanding and emotional individuals, who can love deeply, committedly, and who would engage in finding the best ways to make the loved ones happy. Minding their complex nature, they can also act in a possessive and jealous manner as they can (at their worst) behave in obsessive, controlling, and forceful ways.

When it comes to work, Ren Self people see the world as a source of numerous possibilities and, once they become certain about their goal, they won’t stand back from the set objective. Their bold, fast, and dynamic nature – together with their ability to make quick judgments – makes Ren individuals natural born leaders. They can be great politicians and PR people as they can thrive as communication, branding, and image experts. They understand risk assessments and they are talented at planning, strategy, and logistics. In addition, Ren individuals make charismatic team-leaders and talented problem-solvers who can manage well in a wide range of posts, but especially those which are investigative, executive, and cleaning-up. Minding their strong ambition, entrepreneurial spirit, and ability to spot and/or create opportunities rather easily, they have great potential to become successful business people.


Their health is strong, but it also depends on their activity level, diet, and possible abuse of alcohol, nicotine, or recreational drugs. They are prone towards urinary bladder and water metabolism ailments and, when they are out of balance, they can suffer from obsessive-compulsive behaviors, anxiety, fear, or depression.



Tune in with the flow. Don’t rush and/or force things, because there is a best time for everything.


Famous people:

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Den Brown, Roberto Cavalli, Bob Dylan, Paramahansa Yogananda, Tenzin Rinpoche, Hyon Gak Sunim, David Cronenberg…


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