Ji people (Yin Earth Self)

Ji people

Yin Earth Self, the Nurturer


Ji Self is represented by soft, fertile land.

In Chinese astrology, Ji principles stand for qualities such as accessibility, productivity, resourcefulness, care, and nourishment.

Ji people

Ji people (photo by PublicDomainPictures)

Accordingly, the nature of Ji Earth people is giving, nurturing, and industrious. They are typically kind and warm-hearted individuals sensitive to others’ feelings and needs. It’s their inherent characteristic that they want to accommodate others and sometimes they would extend far beyond their own comfort zone to achieve this.

In accordance with their earthen nature, Ji people tend to be realistic, practical, and down-to-earth. They are also trustful and reliable individuals who keep their word and fulfill their promises. Most Ji people are resourceful and very skilled organizers, able to complete the tasks at hand in a steady and patient manner. When it comes to their ways, they are fond of tradition and they prefer to stick to the old and proven ways of doing things. As such, they might sometimes find it hard to speed up, upgrade, and/or adopt new methods.

On the other hand, Ji individuals are also very adaptable beings – especially when it comes to people they care for. They are always ready to change their plans, hop in, do favors, and help others in numerous ways. They are open, attentive, and caring types of people who would treat you as a family member once they accept you into their inner circle. Due to their nurturing nature and availability at all times, Ji people can sometimes spoil others so much so that they might start believing that they are entitled to the help of Ji people.

Ji people

Ji people (photo by Quangpraha)

At their best, Ji Earth individuals may set an example of how to be supportive and how to make everything around them grow and develop. Although they sometimes do their good deeds intentionally and with a firmly set goals, they often act unintentionally – purely out of a good will. However, these individuals are very sensitive to betrayal and ingratitude and, since they’re well-known for their excellent memory, they would rarely forget such kinds of behavior.

When it comes to work, Ji people have an inherent ability to make things run smoothly. In addition, they are very resourceful beings and natural problem-solvers who can manage in a huge variety of posts. Since they like working with others, they can easily fit into teams as they can be excellent HR people or team leaders. Regarding the choice of career, Ji individuals often have an affinity towards architecture, landscaping, interior design, and similar industries. They also fond of Earth-Element related industries, like property development, real estate, insurance, antique or pawn shops, accounting, civil engineering, or farming.


Their health is sensitive and they should pay special attention to their digestion, blood sugar, and overall cellular health. They are prone towards developing digestion issues, cell-related problems, depression, and ailments closely related to their organs/meridians: spleen and pancreas.



They should be more discriminating about people and giving help in general. The reason why they often end up feeling tired and complaining that they are overburdened is that they tend to take on a lot of responsibilities which don’t belong to them.


Famous people:

M. Crichton, Isaac Asimov, Sergey Brin, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Henry Ford, Quentin Tarantino, Carl Lagerfeld, OJ Simpson…


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