Wu people (Yang Earth Self)

Wu people

Yang Earth Self, the Guardian

Wu is represented by large mountains, boulders, and rocks.

In Chinese astrology, Wu principles stand for steadiness, strength, resilience, durability, and stillness.

Wu people

Wu people (photo by Pete Lanford)

Accordingly, Wu Self individuals are strong and as solid as the rock (or mountain) that represents them. Moreover, since Wu is the high ground earth – dry and hard to excavate – this is also a metaphor for Wu people’s personality, which is reserved, rigid, unbending, and not very open. On the contrary, they are well-known as reserved and cautious creatures who aim towards self-preservation, but also peaceful, stable, and secure living.

Some Wu people may appear as cold and uninterested, but they are actually well-grounded and steady individuals who need time to relax. As the tall mountain tends to hide its richness, an effort has to be made in order to reach the mountain’s treasures. In the same way, although Wu individuals might be industrious, plentiful, and generous, they could not be as ready to reveal either their qualities or vulnerabilities. In order to open up and drop their reserved and cautious appearance, Wu people have to establish a trust in you; only then will they reveal their friendly, soft, caring, and very chatty side.

As close friends, partners, children, and parents, Wu individuals are soft-hearted and they can hardly say no. Although they might be slow to establish a deep commitment, they aim towards forming a lasting and meaningful relationship based on mutual loyalty, discretion, and trust. They are not only caring and supportive partners, but they are willing to sacrifice their own wellbeing for the sake of their loved one. However, they are people who need solitude and regular ‘’me time’’ in order to be able to function well in a relationship.

Wu people

Wu people

As with every Self, Wu also has some negative traits. For example, they are not very sensitive or adaptive as they find it hard both to forget and forgive. Moreover, they are single-minded, stubborn, overly sensitive to disrespect and injustice, and they tend to withdraw without any explanation. They are also prone towards dissatisfaction and, when they are at their worst, they can become either withdrawn, pessimistic, and unresponsive or petty, jealous, bitter, and prone towards criticizing. In addition, when feeling nervous or uncomfortable, they tend to talk about unimportant matters and they often beat around the bush a lot, before they say what is really on their mind.

When it comes to work, Wu individuals are very organized, methodical, patient, and hardworking as they are motivated to complete the tasks at hand. Since they are people who don’t acknowledge obstacles, but who would work their way through them instead, they can be a great aid to numerous businesses but particularly constructing, property development, civil engineering, or architecture. Since they don’t have problem with routine and repetitive jobs, they can perform well in government officials’ posts, but also in insurance, accounting, and banking. Their strong physique and resiliency can also help their success in sports. They are individuals who respect both their bosses and colleagues, but due to their strong sense of integrity and pride, they often require a similar treatment.

Their health is generally strong, but they should nevertheless pay attention to their diet. Their sensitive organ is the stomach and they are prone towards developing various stomach issues (ulcer, acid reflux, etc.), but also depression.



They should find the ways to be with others and yet to keep their integrity. Isolation is not a good solution for them, because this is when they might become pessimistic and joyless.


Famous people:

Andy Warhol, Eric Clapton, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zukerberg, Steve Wozniak, Vera Wang, Roger Federer, David Beckham…


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