Geng people (Yang Metal Self)

Geng  people 

Yang Metal Self, the Protector


In Chinese astrology, Geng Metal is represented by a sword.

The qualities Geng principles stand for are sharpness, resilience, rigidness, usefulness, and executive abilities.

Geng people

Geng people (photo by SylviaPDesign)


Accordingly, Geng individuals are strong, just, and resilient people. They are also creatures who need stress, pressure, and fight in their life because these are the only ways for them to grow and succeed (the logic behind this is that a sword must be sharpened to fulfill its function). The sword is a tool with many purposes; it is used for defense, attack, providing food, etc. Accordingly, Geng people do differ and, while some of them act in protective, chivalrous, and just ways, the others travel through life fighting and leaving a track wrought with toughness and aggression.

Although Geng individuals often appear as cold, reserved, stiff and/or distant, they can be very emotional – particularly if there is a lot of Metal and Water Elements in their chart. The thing about them is that they are simply not the people who would open up easily or start crying because of the hardships they’re facing. It is more likely that they will keep up the untouchable façade, while their dissatisfaction and/or pain will pour out in the form of complaints and critique. In addition, Geng people are proud individuals who care very much about their integrity and who are particularly sensitive about their image and reputation. They are also known for their strong judgments; hence, when they believe they are right they can debate really hard in order to prove their point. Since they are typically very far from adaptable or flexible individuals, it may be really hard for them to bend, adjust, or change.

When it comes to work, Geng people are pro-execution oriented (in Chinese astrology, Geng primarily represents a sword sharpened for war) and ready to lead – or follow the orders. They are people who could withstand great pressure and who are often attracted to careers in law, police, military, security, government, or politics. They also make great executives and CEOs who would stand behind their decisions. Since they are also resilient, strong-willed, and determined creatures who like winning, they are good candidates for professional sports and other sport related industries (personal trainers., etc.).


Geng people

Geng people (photo by Michal Koper)

Because winning is very important to their self-esteem, Yang Metal people are sometimes able to fight over insignificant matters. Since they may be easily carried away by what they perceive as unfair or unjust, they could waste their energy and time on fighting imaginary battles. However, behind their impulsive and rushed behavior lays the instinctive need to be alert and stay sharpened – just in case of some prospective war. Due to their endurance and strong fighting spirit, Geng people tolerate everything in life with the same spirit. Among all Selves, they are most probably the toughest ones and the least afraid of the difficulties and hardships that life may bring.

Their health is generally strong as they are resilient people. However, they incline towards having issues with large intestine, respiratory tract, bones, skin, and immunity.



They should work on developing mindfulness and sensitivity, as they should find the ways to compromise with the world around.


Famous people:

Queen Elizabeth II, Edgar Cayce, Robert Zemekis, Phil Collins, Iggy Pop, Michael Phelps, Edward Snowden, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oscar Pistorius, John Cryer, Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Sheen…


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