Xin people (Yin Metal Self)

Xin people

Yin Metal Self, the Thinker


Xin Metal is represented with fine jewelry and shiny, decorative metal objects.

As a principle, Xin also stands in Chinese astrology for cultivation, beauty, refinement, and the power of attraction.

Xin people

Xin people (phoot by Printeboek)

Since this Metal is refined, Xin individuals are often described as cultured, attractive, stylish, and elegant. They are also widely recognizable for their strong intellectual capabilities, keen perception, clear thinking, and bright ideas. Those who know them well are also aware that Xin people’s character is complex and that they are not easy to read or define. In addition, they are skeptics and social rebels known for their unconventional behavior and outside-the-box thinking.

They are also competitive beings who can’t stand still and who always want to get to another level. They want to improve themselves and everything and everyone around them. Xin individuals are known for being opinionated, fighting strongly for what they believe is truth, and for showing little respect for authorities (unless authorities agree with their cause). They are thinkers with restless minds and numerous interests, prone towards initiating harsh debates and behaving in smart-ass, cynical, and condescending manners.

On the other hand, Xin people are communication wizards and social beings, which is why they typically have many friends and acquaintances. They are also very talented creatures who are not only smart, expressive, and knowledgeable individuals, but also interesting, witty, and entertaining people who enjoy drawing attention. Being contradictory personalities, they might equally enjoy in reading Kafka and listening to classical music, as in hanging out on social networking and watching their favorite shows (they want to keep up).

Xin people

Xin people (photo by Nawalescape)


Although they are self-sufficient individuals, Xin people do care for others – even more than they would ever admit. They are loving and loyal partners, but they are also complex, complicated, changeable, and moody beings who like to be at center of attention and who like to be right and have control. Although they are sensitive towards their partners’ problems, they tend to overthink everything as they are prone towards lecturing and criticizing. Being in relationship with them is not so easy because they are partners who don’t want only love and intimacy, but who also desire an intellectual exchange with their partner. Therefore, they often look for a partner who likes to socialize and would be ready to debate with them.

When it comes to work, Xin Metal people are very social and particularly good at handling different kinds of people and situations. Being creative and resourceful individuals, known also for their innovative spirit, strategic abilities, and outside-the-box thinking, Xin individuals are able to come up with elegant solutions. They are talented presenters and marketers, who also stand out when it comes to organizing events, networking, and managing social networks. Since they are clever, fast with words, and witty, they can shine in journalism and every industry related to media, writing, self-expression, branding, and entertaining.


In terms of health, they are prone towards lung and respiratory issues, allergies, skin, and immunity problems.



If they want to grow, Xin people should learn to think beyond their personal interest, because one can also get great satisfaction in helping others shine.


Famous people:

F. Handel, Stephen Hawking, John F. Kennedy, Arthur Clark, Lama Yeshe, Larry Page, Lilly Allen, Djokovic, Diego Maradona, Michael Jordan, Marilyn Monroe, Gerhard Schroeder…


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