Jia people (Yang Wood Self)

* These types are based on your Self, i.e. the Element of your Day Pillar.

Jia Wood Self, the Initiator

Jia Wood is usually represented by an image of a tall tree.

In Chinese astrology, Jia principles represent strength, stamina, farsightedness, and silent growth.

Like all tall trunks are solid and upright, so too are the Jia Wood people strong, sturdy and rigid. They typically operate on a clear set of beliefs and they are certainly not the people who would easily adjust or change themselves. They are not very sensitive creatures either and, since they’re also straight-forward, honest, and impulsive, they are not likely to beat around bush at all. They are more the kind of people who will, frankly and without hesitation, tell you what’s on their mind. Although they can often show a lack of patience and/or understanding, they are benevolent and protective individuals who would gladly help in every possible way. However, in order to get their help one has to ask for it directly – because it’s the only way Jia people would clearly understand.

Jia people

Jia people

In order to be able to grow Jia individuals need stability in their life, as the trees require certain conditions in order to grow tall. Accordingly, a stable and well-known environment is essential for their growth because anything else will only make them frustrated and/or anxious. In the same manner, as it is not easy to replant a big tree, these people may find it difficult to compromise, adapt, or make radical changes in life. Moreover, they often insist on certain conditions that used to work well for them once, regardless of whether these may be the cause of their current setback and/or dissatisfaction.

Being self-sufficient, Jia individuals dislike relying on others as they dislike dependency of any form. They are generally self-confident, but they can have hard time dealing with crises, failures, and setbacks, both in private life as well as in career and business. In such a way, after a broken marriage, career setback, experiencing illness, or long-term business crises, they might need a lot to recover – especially when Self is weak.

When Jia Self is prosperous (born in winter or spring), then a person needs more pressure in everyday life, which helps them to become strong and rise high. This is brought out by Geng, which helps Jia to become useful and great at execution.

Although they are self-sufficient beings who tolerate loneliness well, Jia individuals still strive towards establishing stable relationships. They might need a while to fully commit but, when they do, they will be steady in caring and providing for their family. Although it may appear that they lack compassion, they will sympathize with a partner’s problems but only if they know what’s going on – hence direct communication is vital for the growth of this relationship. Being passionate, loyal, and dependable, they would stand by their partner in both good times and bad. The challenge of being in relationship with Jia is that they are sturdy, rigid, and reluctant to change…

Jia people photo by AChembran

Jia people

Although being a big tree comes with some disadvantages (impaired movement and the inability to change conditions easily), it also has numerous good sides. For example, tall trees’ height is what enables Jia people to see very far and to get a broad perspective of every situation or condition. Such qualities are very useful when it comes to work; hence Jia people are especially suited for business management posts, especially those which require perspective. They are born leaders, pioneers, initiators, innovators, and inventors, as they are talented for music, design, technique, mechanics, and engineering. Although they are practical and hardworking individuals who’ll grow and develop the business in a steady manner, they are also often impatient to see the results. Therefore, they can force certain developments and/or leave unfinished projects behind…

Their health is strong but they are prone towards issues which appear as a result of prolonged frustration and stress. Accordingly, they might suffer from headaches, sleep disturbances, and digestion issues (especially gallbladder related, because the gallbladder is their corresponding organ/meridian).


Changes are necessary as this is how we evolve. If Jia people don’t recognize the time for change, life will impose changes on them.

Famous Jia people:

Dostoevsky, Tesla, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, David Lynch, James Cameron, Francis Ford Copolla, Condoleezza Rice, Angela Merkel…


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