Balanced vs. Unbalanced Ba Zi Charts

Balanced Ba Zi Charts vs. Unbalanced Ba Zi Charts

In Ba Zi, balanced charts are those where all the Elements (the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) are present and supporting each other. Generally, balanced charts lead to a smooth, comfortable, and quite predictable life – the one we all believe we strive for.

In the balanced charts the Qi flows easily, especially when there are no serious afflictions or damage to the Elements. A balanced chart also makes a person comfortable, especially if the Resource is also strong. However, when the chart is balanced there is not much a person wants to achieve because they are content with what they are and/or what they have. Hence, although this type of chart enables people to reach fulfillment much more easily, balanced charts do not necessarily lead to high achievements.

balanced charts

On the other hand, unbalanced charts are typically related to the lack of peace and they bring numerous problems and obstacles. These include health, relationship, career, wealth, and business issues. There is always something happening in these people’s lives which disturbs their peace and requires immediate attention. People with unbalanced chart always have something to do, issues to address, and a goal to acquire. Since their life doesn’t lack changes, everything can become very exhausting at times which can be emphasized when the chart contains a lot of Travelling Stars (Monkey, Tiger, Pig, and Snake).

Maybe it doesn’t look like it, but there are many hidden advantages that an unbalanced chart may bring. For example, the lives of these people are typically very dynamic and interesting with many exciting twists and turns. Most importantly, unbalanced charts are also the ones with great potentials. Some of them are categorized under special charts – destined for great achievements!

So, if you could choose, would you go for a balanced or an unbalanced chart?



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