Tesla and Musk: Their Secret Connection (7)


Tesla vs. Musk

When we compare Tesla and Musk’s charts, we can find many similarities. For example, they share the same Self and a very strong Output which also happens to be the same Element – Fire.


Tesla vs. Musk

Tesla vs. Musk

They also share the whole pillar, where Tesla’s Day Pillar (represents one’s personality), is the same as Musk’s Month Pillar (represents one’s career). This connection reveals the fact that Tesla’s inventions (personal accomplishments) found a way to Musk’s career (Tesla Inc., Tesla car).

Musk once explained that Edison was a role model for him, not Tesla, and that he bought a company which was already named Tesla by the original owners – as a tribute to company’s using of an AC motor, an architecture which was developed by Tesla.

Musk was not mentioning Tesla very often, but in one of his interviews, he said that Tesla ‘’deserves a little more play, then he got in our society.’’

And he really gave Tesla that play!


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Tesla vs. Musk

Tesla vs. Musk

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